Humanium Metal

Building a custom auction solution and activist platform for Humanium Metal — an initiative that transforms illegal seized firearms from governmental weapons destruction programs in regions affected by armed violence into non-lethal commodities for peace.


IM Swedish Development Partner





After already having been commissioned to develop a new website for IM Sweden, my agency was asked to build a site for their initiative Humanium Metal, which aims to draw attention to issues of gun violence and contribute toward the ending of illegal firearms trade by melting down illegal firearms seized in conflict zones.

Creating a fast and accessible multilingual WordPress-based website for Humanium was already a fantastic project to be able to work on in itself, but the part that we really loved the most was developing a completely custom auction solution, fully integrated with their WordPress dashboard.

Complete with functionality for configuring each auction’s starting price, minimum bid increment and consecutive bidding, everything was fully integrated with the WordPress dashboard in an easy to use interface, where both auctions and all of the bids could be managed.

Another feature of the website we were especially excited to create was the activist platform — where visitors can get engaged, and help bring Humanium Metal to their own country by contacting representatives and telling them about the impressive work behind the initiative.

Working on projects such as Humanium Metal is always incredibly rewarding – both getting the opportunity to deliver a highly flexible platform that allows them to control all aspects of their site, and to have an active role in helping organisations like IM in their mission to create social impact — and making real positive change in the world.